Presentations made at the ERVO 2012 meeting held in Portugal

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ERVO presentations

University of the Azores, E. Isidro

New Builds: Simon Stevin - lessons learned from designing a RRV, A. Cattrijsse

New Builds: RV SONNE, K. von Bröckel

New Builds: RV Elisabeth Mann Borgese, L. Meinders

Fuel price rises: a challenge for RV operators?, A. Fitzgerald

Eurofleets: main results after 3 years, J. Binot

Update on Eurofleets Interoperability workpackage, A. Fitzgerald

Eurofleets greening the RV fleet: results and way forward, A. Cattrijsse

Eurofleets Fleet Evolution Group: RRVs foreseeable evolution, G. Magnifico

Eurofleets2 project, J. Binot

INMARTECH 2012, E. Koning

Toward a Mediterranean Research Fleet: a contribution to an integrated maritime policy in the Mediterranean Sea-basin, G. Magnifico

A new French fleet organization, O. Quédec


ERVO Posters - National Updates

National Update - CSIC, Spain

R/V Elisabeth Mann Borgese - Briese Schiffahrts, Germany

German Research Vessels - GEOMAR, Germany

Italian Update - CNR, Italy

The Portuguese Oceanographic Research Fleet, Portugal

Multi-Purpose Survey and ROV Support Vessel IMOR - Maritime Institute in Gdansk, Poland

National Update - GeoEcoMar, Romania

Vessel Activity - Marine Institute, Ireland

RV Belgica Activity - MUMM, Belgium

RV Belgica II: A New Oceanographic Research Vessel to Replace the Existing A962 Belgica - MUMM, Belgium


The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute New Vessel Concept

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