Presentations made at the ERVO 2013 meeting held in France

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ERVO presentations

A. Dosdat - Welcome address by Antoine Dosdat, Ifremer Brittany Center Director 

K. Lackschewitz - New Build: RV Sonne

P. Nieuwejaar - A new IMR polar RV  and the replacement vessel for Dr. Fridtjof Nansen

F. Trincardi - New hull-mounted instrumentation on RV Urania

O. Lefort - National French fleet evolution plan

P. Nieuwejaar - A.C. vs D.C. motors for RVs

P. Nieuwejaar - The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) - Code

E. Koning - OFEG updating progress on Ocean/Global RVs

A. Catrijsse - Guarantee claims of a newbuild coastal RV

R. Balcon - New solutions for improving stability for Catamaran RV

J.J. Danobeitia - Regional Vessels discussion in ERVO context

V. Mazauric - Eurofleets 1 - Eurofleets 2

A. Catrijsse - Eurofleets-1: WP3 Outcomes

S. Sa - Eurofleets-1: Training activity (WP6)

V. Mazauric - 3° Fleet Evolution Group meeting Agenda

A. Vetrano - Deliverable D. 1.4: Report on major underwater equipment (Results from survey)

P. Nieuwejaar - Deliverable D. 1.4: Report on major underwater equipment (Perspectives)

V. Mazauric - Database aggregating strategic views of European fleets operators

O. Soubigou - Report on e-access

S. Sa - New EurOcean Infobase on MRI´s and Eurocean/ERVO Agreements, document 1, document 2

G. Magnifico - Fostering Coordination Activity at Regional Seas (Mediterranean Sea)


ERVO Posters - National Updates

RV Belgica Activity 2012

RV SIMON STEVIN - multidisciplinary coastal research vessel

"SONNE": a New Deep-Sea Research Vessel

German Research Vessels

Italian Update 2013

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