Presentations made at the ERVO 2015 meeting held in Ireland

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ERVO presentations

A. FitzGerald - Opening and practical arrangements of Day 1 [pdf]

O. Quédec - Opening of ERVO 2015 & Round Table [pdf]

G. Magnifico - ERVO WAY AHEAD: first results of the ad-hoc WG [pdf]

V. Mazauric, J.F. Masset, C. Costa - Towards new developments of the EurOcean Research Vessels InfoBase, in convergence with the new Marine Research Infrastructures InfoBase [pdf]

C. Costa - EurOcean/ERVO cooperation [pdf]

J. Sólmundur Már - Iceland Marine Research Institute - experiences in sharing vessels with industry, other organizations and nations [pdf]

L. Smith - FAROE Marine Research Institute – activities and facilities [pdf]

J. Flinkman - Better days for RV Aranda: International/national cooperation & major refit [pdf] 

A. FitzGerald - Possible new vessel designs at Marine Institute [pdf]

A. Grazzini - RV  Urania  and  RV  Minerva  UNO  improvement  and  strengthening: updates, state of work and results [Video1], [Video2]

L. Evangelista - The Parfamar Project: new integrated technology for shallow water surveys [pdf], [Video1], [Video2], [Video3], [Video4], [Video5]

P. Nieuwejaar - New main propulsion system of the Norwegian RV Gunnerus [pdf1], [pdf2]

D. Limpenny  - Cefas/IMARES/RWS - joint delivery of Dutch IBTS survey 2015 [pdf]

J. Flinkman - Nordic steel on southern waves: Finnish r/v construction & marine science know-how helping Namibia to manage the Benguela LME research [pdf]

J.J. Dañobeitia - EMSO – European multidisciplinary seafloor & water column observatory: a new challenge for Research Vessels? [pdf]

V.  Mazauric, J. Sorribas - EUROFLEETS2 project: On-going activities (V. Mazauric) and software and tools (J. Sorribas) [pdf]

A. FitzGerald - Fostering  European  coordination  activity  at  regional  basin:  some concrete  examples  in  the  Celtic  Sea  Region  and  suggestions  for  future further coordination [pdf]

A. Cattrijsse - Trying to benchmark RV operations & costs [pdf]

P. Nieuwejaar - Safety and quality certification [pdf]

E. Koning - Safety trainings and medicals for scientist: essential or just a waste of money? [pdf]

I. Hehir - Marine Institute Underwater TV Survey methods [pdf]

D. Lisbjerg - Towards a new Danish research vessel [pdf]

R. Balcon, H. Lossouarn - MADIDA: Acquisition of scientific data with reliable sensors and TINARS quality controls [pdf]
A. FitzGerald - Multi beam upgrade Celtic Voyager [pdf]
C. Garcia-Soto - The  IEO  operations  at  sea:  a  dual  fleet  approach  and  the  new  regional vessels experience [pdf]
T. Furey, S. Cullen - INFOMAR programme, vessels and operations
M.A. Ojeda - MLC and new Polar Code [pdf]
B. House - OFEG update [pdf]

A. FitzGerald - IRSO update [pdf]

ERVO Posters - National Updates

Belgium - Od Nature Update

Belgium - VLIZ Update

France - Ifremer Update

Iceland - MRI Update

Italy - CNR Update

Norway - IMR Update

Romenia - GeoEcoMar Update

UK - CEFAS Update

Explorer Society Poster

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