Presentations made at the ERVO 2017 meeting held in Finland

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 ERVO presentations

1st day - Regional Focus 

J. Flinkman - New Finnish Container System (Sampling, Laboratory, Office + Lab) [pdf]

J. Ytreland - New Norwegian ice-breaker “Kronprins Haakon” [pdf]
Meelis Serendis - BONUS Website [pdf]

1st day - General Assembly

O. Quédec - Introduction 19th ERVO meeting [pdf]

O. Quédec /K. Lackschewitz - Review and approval of ERVO 2016 minutes

K. Lackschewitz/ O.Quédec - General Assembly: Report to the group

K. Lackschewitz/All - The future of ERVO [pdf]

N.Dwyer/K. Lackschewitz - ERVO new website [pdf]

1st day - ERVO meeting

P. Kankaanpää - Welcome address by the director of Marine Research Center [pdf]

Anna Palmbo Bergman - New member introductory presentation - Umeå University/Umeå Marine Sciences Centre [pdf]

Mattias Sköld - New member introductory presentation - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences [pdf]

Sampo Viheriälehto - New guest introductory presentation – Arctia Ltd. [pdf]

E. Koning - IRSO Update [pdf]

2nd day - ERVO meeting

Theme 2: RV builds, Modifications and performance

T. Knuth - Experiences with RV Sonne [pdf]

M. Klages - Construction process of new Swedish 50 m regional class RV Skagerak [pdf]

M. Sköld - New Swedish fisheries research vessel [pdf]

L. Naudts - Problems on RV Belgica - RV Belgica 2 project, new steps [pdf]
D. Cattrijsse - RV Simon Stevin: URN measurements [pdf]

J. Ytreland - IMR fleet update: new RVs Kronprins Haakon and Dr. Fridtjof Nansen – new project to build a 35m coastal research vessel [pdf]

O. Quédec - French Polar Pod project [pdf]

O. Mikkelsen - Marine and underwater technology products and systems: MacArtney DK [pdf]

Theme 3: Manning, Safety and training

A.Fitzgerald - EUROFLEETS2: Training through Marine Research and Floating Universities

R. Balcon - Operations on board: Training video tutorials - Under keel clearance Vs operations - Navigation in hazardous areas [pdf]

Theme 4: Scientific technology

J. Dañobeitia - Observation systems [pdf]

Theme 5: Legal and Insurance

Jukka Pajala - Modernization of RV Aranda [pdf]

J. Ytreland - Polar code: IRSO workshop in Muggiano report [pdf]

M. Del Sette - Maritime Labor Convention, 2006 (MLC): Researchers are not "passengers" neither "maritime"... what are they? [pdf]

R. Boening - Insurance of sea-going equipment [pdf]

Theme 6: Cooperation and Outreach

V. Mazauric /K. Lackschewitz - EUROFLEETS2 project legacy/Interest for ERVO [pdf]

V. Fernandes - EuroGOOS, EOOS (by Skype) [pdf]

N. Dwyer/ K. Lackschewitz - ERVO/EUROCEAN agreement [pdf]

Theme 2: RV builds, Modifications and performance

J. Parker - Update on RV Cefas Endeavour [pdf]

A. Micallef/K. Lackschewitz - Topics, date & place ERVO 2018 [pdf]

ERVO Posters - National Updates

Germany - German Research Vessels

Spain - Research Vessels operated by CSIC

Italy - CNR Update

Belgium - RV Belgica activity 2016

Norway - IMR Update

Romenia - GeoEcoMar Update

France - French Oceanographic Fleet activity report 2016

Iceland - Marine and Freswater Research Institute Update

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