Presentations made at the ERVO 2018 meeting held in Malta

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 ERVO presentations

1st day - Regional Focus 

Spain – J. Sorribas/J. Prades (CISC)

Malta – A. Micallef and vessel operators (Univ. of Malta)

Italy – Ocean Infrastructure and Technology Development at CNR - L. Evangelista (CNR)

France – P. Morin (Ifremer)

2nd day - General Assembly

A. Steuwer - Welcome address by the Administrative Director, Research Support Services, University of Malta

K. Lackschewitz - Opening 20th ERVO and round Table

K. Lackschewitz - Review and approval of ERVO 2017 minutes

K. Lackschewitz - Regional Focus: Report to the group

K. Lackschewitz - Introduction 20th ERVO meeting

O. Mikkelsen - Marine and underwater technology products and systems: MacArtney DK


Theme 1: Delegates Reports of Activity

A. Micallef - New member introductory presentation (Univ. of Malta, Malta)

M. Carapuço - New member introductory presentation (IPMA, Portugal)


Theme 2: RV builds, Modifications and performance

J. Flinkman - Rebuilt RV ARANDA

L. Smith - New Faroer Research Vessel

N. Lourenço - New Portuguese RV MAR PORTUGAL

J. Ytreland - New coastal vessel Norway

M. Sköld - New Swedish vessel SVEA

S. Cullen - New Irish coastal boats, drones and inshore operations


L. Naudts - Replacement of RV BELGICA (New RV)


Theme 3: Manning, Safety and training

A. Fitzgerald - Update: Impact of MLC

A. Cattrijsse - EU rules on state aid to companies


Theme 4: RV technology

L. Meinders - A new particle filter on RV HEINCKE

J. Mälkiä - Biofuel

D. Waage - Dynema solutions for lifting and data cables

A. Fitzgerald - Current status on European research fleet broadband


Theme 5: Common issues around research vessels

N. Dwyer - Status of the EurOcean RID 2.0 development

E. Koning - Marine Facilities Program                                                      


Theme 6: Cooperation and Outreach

L. Naudts - EMB/ERVO position paper on future European RV fleet

G. Magnifico & E. Koning - EMB/ERVO position paper questionnaire WP4 & WP6

A. Fitzgerald - EUROFLEETS+ project

P. Gorringe - EuroGOOS, EOOS and links to Global initiatives

A. Cattrijsse - ERVO’s reply to the EOOS consultation

G. Magnifico - The EU framework for sustainable RIs: possible actions for the European Research Fleet

E. Koning - IRSO update

K. Lackschewitz - OFEG update

K. Lackschewitz - Topics, date & place ERVO 2019 

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ERVO Posters - National Updates


Belgium - RV Belgica activity 2017

Belgium - RV Simon Stevin

France - Genavir Report

Germany - German Research Vessels

Spain - Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) - Cruise Activities