Tuesday 06th of September 2022

Introduction 24th ERVO meeting + Hand-over of chair L. Naudts [PDF]

Review and approval of ERVO 2021 minutes R. Codiglia [PDF]


Theme 1: Delegates Reports of Activity

10 years of operating coastal/regional RV Simon Stevin: past and future evolutions D. Cattrijsse [PDF]

Theme 2: RV builds, Modifications and performance

RV Tom Crean – Commissioning and Operation A. Fitzgerald [PDF]

RV Jákup Sverri project L. Smith [PDF]

RV Skagerak L. Newman [PDF]

Increasing the performance of the hulls combining CFD and channel experiences ARMON [PDF], [VIDEO1], [VIDEO2], [VIDEO3], [VIDEO4]

Laura Bassi, one year later: the new systems used in the Polar expeditions and the challenges ahead F. Coslovich [PDF]

Deck machinery for RVs – lessons learned J. Peile & B. Rodriguez [PDF]

Update from the building yard regarding our new Coast vessel J. Ytreland [PDF]

The new RV Belgica: delivery and operations L. Naudts [PDF]


Theme 3: Manning, Safety and training

Certified Polar Code Training and Polar Training for crew and scientist F. Lauber [PDF]

Implementation of the ISM code on RV Sarmiento de Gamboa L. Terceño [PDF]

Training of maritime engineers in the new build process D. Lisbjerg [PDF]

Theme 4: RV technology

Dry Drop Keel Concept M.A. Lleches Sempere [PDF]

Cellular and VSat technology improvements & Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technology developments C. Mulcahy [PDF]

Optimising USBL installation and operations on research vessels G. West [PDF]


Theme 5: Common issues around research vessels

16:30 Protocols and Covid issues onboard the Spanish RV fleet. Lessons learned. N. Roma [PDF]


Theme 6: Cooperation and Outreach

Arice project: outcomes and outlook V. Willmott Puig & N. Biebow [PDF]

Update on Eurofleets+ Project progress to date including Transnational Access N. Flavin & B. Ni Chonghaile [PDF]

Eurofleets RI: Building Eurofleets Legacy: Update on transnational access pilot groups and Scenarios for a permanent fleets coordination platform L. Evangelista [PPT]

Eurofleets RI Roadmap and Guidelines - Next Steps September 2022 to October 2023 A. Fitzgerald [PDF]


Wednesday 07th of September 2022

Theme 7: Remote Operations incl. Operations with Autonomous Vehicles

Experience after one year with AUV testing/operations J. Ytreland [PDF]


Theme 8: Energy Efficiency, alternative energy sources & zero impact

New Spanish research vessel: a diesel-LNG hybrid approach J. Sorribas & ARMON [PDF]

Deck Machinery – Energy Efficiency J. Peile & B. Rodriguez [PDF]

RV Aranda’s new technologies (batteries and fuel cell system) J. Haukilehto [PDF]

Topics, date & place ERVO 2023 R. Codiglia [PDF1], [PDF2]


SYKE, Aranda, J. Haukilehto [PDF]

Hamburg University, A. Gerriets [PDF]