Tuesday 13th of June 2023

Introduction 25 th ERVO meeting, R. Codiglia [PDF]


Theme 1: Delegates Reports of Activity

Report on working group for EurOcean RID update, P. Nieuwejaar [PDF]


Theme 2: RV builds, Modifications and performance

The new Research vessel “Uthörn” driven by green Methanol, M. Klages, M. Hirsekorn [PDF]

RV Tom Crean “Knowledge Gained – 12 months of Operation”, F. Armstrong [PDF]

RV DANA V project, J. Sandager [PDF]

Update on the new installations on board the NR Laura Bassi, report on the latest scientific activities, R. Codiglia [PDF]

RV “Gaia Blu”: the new CNR ocean vessel, L. Evangelista [PDF]

Experience from testing and operation our new coastal vessel “Princesse Ingrid Alexandra”, J. Ytreland [PDF]

Polar POD construction, M. Nokin [PDF]


Theme 3: Manning, Safety and training

Leadership training for cruise leaders and basic expedition training, F. Lauber, M. Thurmann [PDF]

Two new research/survey vessels built to support VOTO’s marine operations and autonomous glider fleet, J. Hoog VOTO [PDF]

ERVO cruise leader training proposal, P. Nieuwejaar

   - ERVO Cruise leader training [PDF]

   - Cruise leader course [PDF

   - ERVO Cruise leader course Polar operations [PDF]

   - ERVO Cruise leader instructions template [PDF]


Theme 4: RV technology

Electro-Optical means for marine mammal protection on research ships, N. Betancourt [PDF]


Theme 6: Cooperation and Outreach

Eurofleets RI – “Results of Expression of Interest Survey”, N. Flavin [PDF]

Management approaches and procedures existing within the European RV community – comparison with info of 2018, A. Cattrijsse [PDF]

Pushing the limits – an AUV below the Antarctic ice, A. Wahlin [PDF]


Wednesday 14th of June 2023

Theme 5: Communications

USV's integration in the oceanographic fleet, M. Nokin [PDF]

The advantages of secured multi-WAN maritime connectivity, OmniAccess


Theme 7: Remote Operations incl. Operations with Autonomous Vehicles

Update testing and operating AUV Munin, J. Ytreland [PDF]

Managing Autonomy in the MFP, E. Darlington [PDF]

The new Dutch Research Fleet, Z. Erdem [PDF]


Theme 9: Energy Efficiency, alternative energy sources & zero impact

ICES Working group on greening the research vessel fleet, A. Fitzgerald [PDF]

Synthetic methanol as a maritime fuel for shipping from Bremerhaven – the research project MariSynFuel, M. Klages, S.Hritz-Hagenah, A. Pluder [PDF]

Topics, date & place ERVO 2024, R. Codiglia [PDF]