Presentations made at the ERVO 2011 meeting held in Italy

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ERVO presentations

IAMC - CNR Institute for Coastal Marine Environment, A. Perilli

Evolution of ERVO Possible TOR for ERVO WG to make recommendations on evolution of ERVO-EUROFLEETS relationship, M. Gillooly

European Research Vessel Operators (ERVO) - Terms of Reference, M. Gillooly

European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology, S. Sá

Multi-Puropose Survey and ROV Support Vessel - IMOR, K. Szefler

Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences University of Gothenburg, O. Björlin

A New Marine Research Platform in the Frame of "PARFAMAR" Project, E. Marsella

Sustainable fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea: an overview on recent CNR research initiatives, B. Patti

Replacement of the RV Belgica built 1984 - Feasibility study, A. Pollentier

VLIZ - RV Zeeleeuw, A. Cattrijsse

Newcastle University New Inshore Research Vessel, B. Wigham

CSIRO R/V Investigator, D. Rolland

US Ocean Class AGOR Program, D. Rolland

Designing green and silent RVs, E. Campana

New Builds: Research Vessel Design and scientific requirements, J. Dañobeitia

Italian Update 2010 - National Research Council, F. Trincardi

FP 7 Project SIOS-PP "Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System" - Preparatory Phase, E. Strønen

Toward a Mediterranean Network of Observing Systems, F. Trincardi

Eurofleets: main results after 2 years, J. Binot

Results on existing fleets foreseeable evolution for the next 10 years, G.P. Gasparini

Eurofleets WP3 Eco-Resonsibility and Eco-design for existing and new research vessels, A. Cattrijsse

ZEELEEUW - A show piece for sea-education, A. Cattrijsse


ERVO Posters - National Updates

RRS Discovery Replacement Project - Status as of April 2011 .pdf

RV Belgica Activity 2010 .pdf

Flanders Marine Institute - VLIZ RV Zeeleeuw .pdf

Marine Institute Vessel activity 2010 .pdf

German Research Vessels .pdf

CSIC Research Vessels Activity .pdf

Research Vessel and ROV's at the Lovén Centre, Sweden .pdf

CNR - Italian Update 2010 .pdf

IO-BAS - 2010 Bulgarian Nation Research Vessel Fleet .pdf

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