Presentations made at the ERVO 2014 meeting held in Spain

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ERVO presentations

G. Magnifico - Opening ERVO 2014 and Round Table

G. Magnifico - ERVO way ahead

V. Mazauric - On-going Eurofleets2 activities

M.A. Ojeda - WP3 – Flagship initiative for polar access

G. Magnifico - WP4 – Task 4.1 – Regional virtual fleets

A. Castellon - WP11 – Regional RVs guidelines and generic designs

J. Sorribas - WP13 – New standards for on-board software development. Eurofleets & SeaDataNet project

P. Nieuwejaar - Two on-going new Norwegian build projects, a polar vessel and a tropical vessel

A. Grazzini - Upgrades of two Italian RVs: Urania and Minerva Uno

K. von Bröckel - Construction of RV SONNE: from steel plate to research vessel within 17 months

M. Klages - Significant investment in marine infrastructure at the University of Gothenburg: a new research vessel and mobile underwater systems (AUV and ROV)

R. Codiglia - RV OGS-Explora: current status and incoming refitting

P. Nieuwejaar - The New Norwegian deep water ROV, the NORMAR ROV

C. Parareda - Manned Submersible Ictineu 3

J.J. Danobeitia - CSIC RV chartering experience

C. Day - Successful OFEG exchange (seismic system + technicians)

M. Tannerfeldt - FARO - Forum of Arctic Research Operators and ARICE – an initiative for joint use of research icebreakers

B. Morales-Nin - Seas-Era Marine Research Infrastructures updated overview, European integration and vision of the future

O. Quédec - Fostering European Coordination Activity at Regional basin: a concrete example, the IEO/IFREMER cooperation in the Bay of Biscay

A. Catrijsse - How to benchmark RV operational costs

P. D’Anselmi - Cost/benefit analysis of a RV: a first approach to sharing a methodology

P. Nieuwejaar - Certification process for an DNV GL certified integrated ISM/ISO quality and safety management system

J.J. Danobeitia - The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) - Code

O. Quédec - Diplomatic clearance problems

O. Lefort and V. Mazauric -Contribution of the EUROFLEETS Fleet Evolution Group to ERVO: update of the EurOcean RV Infobase and renewal plans follow-up

E. Koning - OFEG updating progress on Ocean/Global RVs

A. Fitzgerald - IRSO and ERVO: how to work more closely

S. Sá - EurOcean/ERVO cooperation


ERVO Posters - National Updates

"SONNE": a New Deep-Sea Research Vessel

German Research Vessels

RV Simon Stevin

Italian Update 2014

RV Belgica Activity 2013

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