Presentations made at the ERVO 2016 meeting held in Greece

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 ERVO presentations

1st day - Regional Focus

O. Quédec - Regional Focus Agenda [pdf]

O. Quédec - Ifremer naval facilities [pdf]

E. Koning - Dutch research activities in the Mediterranean and Black Seas [pdf]

I. Sage - Introducing CMRE [pdf]

I. Sage - STO - CMRE [pdf]

2nd day - General Assembly

O. Quédec - General Assembly Agenda [pdf]

G. Magnifico - Content Analysis of ERVO minutes: First Results [pdf]

2nd day - ERVO meeting 

A. Sioulas/A. Karageorgis - Welcome address by Dr Andreas Sioulas, HCMR Rhodes station Director - HCMR's activities presentation - Hydro biological station of Rhodes presentation  [pdf]

O. Quédec - Introduction 18thERVO meeting [pdf]

S. Sá - ERVO new website [pdf]

S. Sá - ERVO/EUROCEAN agreement [pdf]

H. Karan - New member introductory presentation - TUBITAK [pdf]. [Video1], [Video2], [Video3], [Video4]

I. Sage - New member introductory presentation – NATO/CMRE [pdf]

L. Naudts - RV Belgica: damage, repairs and refit [pdf]

A. Grazzini - A.D. 2015: good times, bad times for CNR and SOPROMAR [pdf]

O. Quédec - Middle life refit Ifremer R/V Thalassa [pdf]

A. Fitzgerald - MI R/V Celtic Voyager, engine failure 2015 - Lessons learnt [pdf]

A. Fitzgerald - A replacement for Celtic Voyager? Possible Vessel designs for Marine Institute [pdf] 

A. Fitzgerald - Celtic Voyager Survey Summary Slides [pdf] 

J. Ytreland - Modification of the existing IMR R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen to prepare her for cruises in the Arctic [pdf]

J. Ytreland - Installation of a hybrid propulsion system on IMR R/V Johan Hjort [pdf]

D. Cattrijsse - Greening ships & ports [pdf]

D. Cattrijsse - Performance of the former VLIZ R/V Zeeleeuw, now operating in Kenya as R/V MtafitI [pdf]

E. Koning - NIOZ - New deep sea cable test [pdf]

O. Quédec - Ifremer new H-ROV Ariane [pdf]

J. Ytreland - INMARTECH 2016 Norway - Announcement [pdf]

G. Magnifico - National Research Council – CNR (ITALY) Oceanographic infrastructure an overview [pdf]

3rd day - ERVO meeting

A. Fitzgerald - IRSO update

M. Ojeda - New polar code: last news [pdf]

V. Mazauric - EUROFLEETS2 project [pdf]

P. Gorringe - EuroGOOS, EOOS and links to Global initiatives (by SKYPE) [pdf]

P. Gorringe - EMODnet - European Marine Observation and Data Network - Physics [pdf]

J. Dañobeitia - European long-term needs to support Environmental (Marine) Research Infrastructures by means of Oceanographic Vessels:  Challenge and opportunity to enhance specific cooperation actions by Juanjo Dañobeitia, Jean Francois Rolin, and al. [pdf]

O. Quédec - OFEG update [pdf]


ERVO Posters - National Updates

Belgium - RV Belgica activity 2015

EUROFLEETS2 - JRA1: Regional Research Vessels guidelines and generic designs Bubble Sweep Down Avoidance

France - French Oceanographic Fleet activity report 2015

Germany - German Research Vessels

Italy - CNR Update

Italy - R/V OGS EXPLORA – refitting of a old lady

Spain - Research Vessels operated by CSIC


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