Tuesday 11th of June 2024

Introduction 26th ERVO meeting, R. Codiglia, [PDF]

Review and approval of ERVO 2023 minutes, A. Fitzgerald, [PDF]

Eurofleets AISBL Phase 1: Presentation of Mission, budget, and statutes. Request for feedback, A. Fitzgerald, [PDF]


Theme 1: Delegates Reports of Activity

Managing an aging ship: The past, present, and future of RV Cefas Endeavour, J. Parker, [PDF]

Experiences from testing and operating RV GAIA BLU - innovative management and new scientific discoveries, L. Evangelista, [PDF]

RV Laura Bassi's latest Antarctic expedition, R. Codiglia, [PDF]


Theme 2: RV builds, Modifications and performance

The future 'NSH' (mid-shore ship) of the French Oceanographic Fleet, V. Martin, [PDF]

Revamping the ICT infrastructure of r/v Laura Bassi, M. Iurcev, [PDF]

Design and construction of MBARI´s new research vessel David Packard, W. Moon / I. Goñi, [PDF]

New RV for Northern Ireland, H. Ove Holmoy, [PDF]

Update on the New Dutch Research Fleet, Z. Erdem, [PDF]

Winch and controls specific features for subsea research working, Ferri, [PDF]

Best practices for installing acoustic equipment to minimize noise on RV’s, L. Kanschat, [PDF]

A decade of success in Ocean Exploration using a modern Spanish research oceanographic fleet, J. Sorribas, [PDF]

RV Kaharoa II, G. Foothead, [PDF]

Kongsberg EM2042: Improving integrations and use of multibeam echo sounders on research vessels, J.M. Cordero, [PDF]

Sustainable Fishery with new compact Handling Technology, T. Ringstad, [PDF]

Owner / operators perspective on AFBI’s new ship design development, P. Jeffares, [PDF]


Theme 3: Manning, Safety and Training

P&O Maritime approach to safety management, B. Kavanagh, [PDF]


Theme 4: Cooperation, Communications and Outreach

United Nations Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Treaty or BBNJ Treaty – impacts for RV operators, E. Darlington, [PDF]

Holland One to Holland. An example of successful interoperability, A. Fitzgerald, [PDF]

“Euro RVTEC” Co-operation between European RV Techs., M. Paredes, [PDF]

Protocols and procedures against harassment onboard the Spanish RV fleet., N. Roma, [PDF]

Polarin Update, A. Fitzgerald, [PDF]

AQUARIUS Update, A. Fitzgerald, [PDF]

IRSO UPDATE, G. Foothead, [PDF]


Wednesday 12th of June 2024


Theme 5: Support & Operations to Ocean Observing System. Remote Operations & underwater Vehicles

Enabling multi-robot collaboration by integrating the Sonardyne Mini Ranger 2 system with the Robotic Operating System , D.Rigg, [PDF]

Remote Enablement - The Future of Marine Research (Live demonstration), Harvest Technology Group/Voyager IP, [PDF]


Theme 6: Energy Efficiency, alternative energy sources & zero impact

Technologies for the research vessel of tomorrow, T.Arvid, [PDF]

Over the horizon and under ice, advances in MAS from NOC, M. Furlong, [PDF]


Theme 7: Shipbuilding innovation and sustainability

Replacing steel wire for coring and CTU with fiber solutions – Lightweight, strong and durable, D. Waage Hampidjan Advant, [PDF]

Vigo as a high-performance Hub in the construction of Research Vessels. Current status, opportunities and future perspectives for 21st century research vessel, J. Dañobeitia, J. Sorribas [PDF]

Implementation of alternative fuels and decarbonisation technologies in Research Vessels. From requirements definition to ship delivery, C. García, [PDF]

ICES working group on greening the fleet. Results and update, C. Freudinger, [PDF]

Hybrid and 100% Electric Propulsion Systems for Oceanographic Vessels, A. Navarro, [PDF]

Business cooperation to boost innovation in shipbuiling, E.Mallón, [PDF]



New Perspectives and opportunities for marine research using new modern multipurpose oceanographic research vessels. 

The purpose of this section is to establish solid links between industry, such as shipyards, technology equipment and sensor providers, ship operators, research scientists, in order to create synergies for the benefit of marine research within the framework of the decade of the oceans. Each speaker invited will give a short talk introduction of 7 minutes, then we will establish a dialogue between the round table and the speakers.

- Zero-emission technology for RVs of the future and perspectives. Santiago Martín, Armon Shipyard, Spain. [PDF]

- Augmenting research vessels with advanced sensor and platform solutions – advantages and challenges: Peer Fietzek, Kongsberg Discovery, Germany. [PDF]

- Towards an Alliance of European Research Fleet: sharing knowledge and assets. Giuseppe Magnífico, CNR, Italy

- Considerations for new multi-purpose research Vessels? Aodhan Fitzgerald, Marine Institute, Ireland [PDF]

- Regional Research Vessels challenges in construction (capacity, dimensions, consumptions, etc.) to support UN decade of the oceans. Jordi Sorribas CSIC-UTM, Spain [PDF]

- Impact on the design of new deep-sea research vessels considering the new sustainable requirements and technologies, by Luis Santos Freire Shipyard, Spain [PDF]

- Nearshore marine research with low emission medium size vessels, by Daniel Rey CIM, Spain [PDF]