Presentations made at the ERVO 2021 meeting held Virtually

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 ERVO presentations

1st day - General Assembly

L. Naudts - ERVO Annual Meeting: Opening & Introduction


Theme 1: RV builds, modifications and performance

P. Nieuwejaar - Status and plans for a new coastal research vessel

A. Fitzgerald - RV Tom Crean update on project progress

R. Codiglia - The second life of the RRS Ernest Shackleton ... the RV Laura Bassi becomes a multipurpose research polar ship

J. Haukilehto - RV Aranda – New Technologies on 30 years young vessel

J. Sorribas Cervantes - New RV for IEO

B. Lindell - RV Svea - experiences after the first 20 months of operation

D. Sakellariou - Building of the new, multi-purpose, Greek Research Vessel - Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

M. Carapuço - RV Mário Ruivo: performance after the modifications

R. Christie - Replacement of RV Kaharoa (available soon)

E. King - A Growing Community of Philanthropic RV Support Throughout Europe+

L. Naudts - The new RV Belgica


Theme 2: Manning, Safety and training

A. Fitzgerald - Operations during a pandemic, the Marine Institute experience

J. Sandager - STCW light education for scientists that get onboard Dana


2nd day - General Assembly

L. Naudts - Introduction to day 2


Theme 3: Common issues around research vessels

G. Magnifico - Proposal for a new ad-hoc ERVO Working Group: European RVs economics, management processes and spare capacity

G. Tibor - Dipclear incident R/V Bat Galim in Cyprus EEZ


Theme 4: Cooperation and Outreach 

V. Willmott - Update ARICE project

S. Sa - EurOcean RID

L. Evangelista - Exploring collaboration opportunities among RV operators: from Italian EEZ to Med Sea

O. Lefort - EUROFLEETS RI: progress made in EFs+ WP8 “Foresight: Legacy and Roadmap” towards a long-term sustainable coordination model for the European RVs

R. Christie - RVONZA (Research Vessels Of New Zealand and Australia)


Theme 5: Remote Operations incl. Operations with Autonomous Vehicles

P. Nieuwejaar - Procurement of two AUV Munin and two USV Sounder

F. Mezzani - A new concept project: Surface UnmaNned Multipurpose reseArch maRine vEhicle (SUNMARE)


Theme 4: Cooperation and Outreach - Eurofleets+ JRA session

C. Mulcahy - Introduction

T. Vandenberghe - JRA 3.1 EARS

C. Mulcahy - JRA 3.1 VSAT Comms

L. Jørgensen - JRA 3.2 Deep Sea Portable Electric Winch Design

J. Ødegård - JRA 3.2 Moonpool and/or Over the side

C. Mulcahy - Panel/Group Discussion


L. Naudts - Closing of ERVO 2021

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